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Terms and conditions, privacy policy


All terms and conditions defined in contract between Ivančica d.d. and business partner are applicable on orders placed through Froddo B2B web shop. These terms and conditions define specific procedures for ordering, payment, delivery and returns of goods that are offered on Froddo B2B web shop. Customer is every Froddo B2B web shop visitor that makes an order through B2B web shop.

Purchase contract for Czech Republic and Slovakia


Customer can place an order through Froddo B2B web shop 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


All prices are nominated in Euros (€) and they are informative, we reserve possibility of errors. 


Once a day we update articles availability on Froddo B2B web shop. We cannot guarantee all shown articles are available in displayed quantities. Final availability confirmation customer gets in final order confirmation.


Payment terms agreed and used in previous orders apply on orders placed through Froddo B2B web shop.


Temporary order confirmation is sent automatically on customers e-mail address after placing an order. In next 24 hours (except Saturday and Sunday) Ivančica d.d. Sales Department checks in Ivančica’s system real availability of ordered articles. Then Ivančica d.d. Sales Department sends on customers e-mail address final order confirmation. Customer should then send his final confirmation for the order.

Order placed through Froddo B2B web shop is not obligatory. It becomes obligatory after customer confirms final order confirmation sent by Ivančica Sales Department.


Ivančica d.d. organizes delivery for the order, if not agreed else.


Transport fee for orders above 10 pairs is free of charge. If you order less than 10 pairs, we will have to charge you with 10,00 € for transport expense.


Customer has right to reclamation. Reclamations should be sent on e-mail: sales@ivancica.hr. Ivančica d.d. will decide regarding reclamation approval in 30 days from receiving it. If Ivančica d.d. approves reclamation, customer will get a credit note. Customers cannot return article without prior approval from Ivančica d.d.


Ivančica d.d. should not share information about Froddo B2B web shop’s customers and their purchases with third parties. Company that develops Froddo B2B web shop should not share information about Froddo B2B web shop’s customers and their purchases with third parties.


Ivančica d.d. is sending to all Froddo B2B web shop users newsletter with special offers from Froddo B2B web shop. If you want to sing out from Froddo B2B web shop mailing list, please send a notification on e-mail sales@ivancica.hr .


Users cannot share content shown on Froddo B2B web shop or use it for their own purposes without prior approval from Ivančica d.d.


All articles' photographs, descriptions and prices are informative. Ivančica d.d. and Froddo B2B web shop reserve possibility of errors.



We take the protection of personal data very seriously and comply with data protection regulations, in particular those of teh EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).This means in particular that we only process personal data where we have legitimate interest basis to do so or the person concerned has declared his or her consent.

In this information on data protection we will explain which information (including personal data) is processed by us in connection with the business relationship between you and us, purposes and ways of its processing, and your rights related to this kind of processing.

  1. Who is responsible for data processing and for personal data protection

Ivančica d.d., Petra Preradovića 12, 42240 Ivanec, Croatia, is responsible for the processing and protection of personal data in the framework of relations with wholesale clients, carried out in the EU area, and which the users have given to the companies.

Data Processing Manager and Contact Information:

Ivančica d.d.

Petra Preradovića 12

42240 Ivanec, Croatia

E-mail address: zastitapodataka@ivancica.hr

Phone number: +385 42 402 240

Where reference is made to „we“ or „us“ in this inforamtion on data protection, this relates to the aformentioned company in each case.

  1. What and who does this Information on personal data protection apply to?

This Information on personal data protection applies to both individuals (sole traders) and companies who are Ivancica wholesale partners (clients), or potential clients which has shown an interest to becomme Froddo wholesale client.

  1. What data do we process?

Conducting our business relationships requires our customers' data to be processed. Where said data allows conclusions to be made as to you as a natural person (e.g. if you are entering a business relationship with us as a sole trader), such data is personal data.

3.1. Master data. We process basic data about your person and the business relationship with you, which we collectively refet to as „master data“. All information you provided to us at the time the business relationship was established or which we obtained from you – name of your company, address – street, house number, postal code, town, country, VAT number (or other tax number), contact person or personal name if you are a sole trader, contact email address, address for delivery of goods, telephone number, fax number, mobile phone number, your job role, your user name and first password for Froddo B2B web shop (which you can change after first log-in)

3.2. The data we have recorded in connection with the establishing of the business relationship, in particular details of contracts concluded with you

3.3.Historical data about all your queries, transactions and purchases you made with us. 

  1. For what purposes and on what legal basis do we process your data

In Ivančica, personal data are collected and processed in accordance with the General Data-Protection Regulation (GPR), the national data protection law and other relevant data protection regulations. Information on data protection can be updated at any time.

4.1. Legitimate interest

We have legitimate interest in sales of our products (Froddo children shoes) and contract execution. We need your data in our system to enter your order, send you confirmation, make delivery of our products to you, issue an invoice, handle with complaints and check and communicate with you about all topics related to our business relationship.

We process personal data for the purpose of executing contracts concluded with you and / or your orders. Personal data processing is also carried out for the implementation of measures and activities within the framework of pre-contractual relationships. Based on your orders we provide the necessary services and activities. Services and activities are erlated to your contractual relationship with you, payments issues, status of your order, handling with complaints, optimizing business processes, and providing IT security.

4.2. Marketing purposes

We have a legitimate interest in marketing our goods to existing customers to increase our sales, to help our clients to sell Froddo shoes in their stores and to build good Froddo image. For that purpose we are sending newsletters to our existing clients and potential clients which gave us their data. Potential clients gave us their data to open Froddo B2B web shop account for them and they are added on newsletter list. We inform all new clients in introducing email about Froddo B2B web shop that their email is added on our newsletter list.

We send newsletters to cover topics such as: New Froddo catalogue, Novelties in Froddo B2B web shop, Informations about shoe fairs where we exhibit Froddo collection, Promo materials and photos which clients can use also in their marketing, deadlines for submiting the orders, general novelties related to Froddo brand and company Ivancica.

We also send in newsletter link for Clients satisfaction survey twice a year, only to clients which had deliveries in the past 6 months, to maintain ISO 9001:2008 Standard and to improve our products and services.

We are sending newsletters once to five times a month, depending on a sales period.

We are also sending to existing and potential clients new Froddo catalogue via post, twice a year.

The processing of master data and historical data is carried out for the execution of contracts with you or for the performance of pre-contractual measures on the basis of Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR.

4.3. Legal purposes

We can also process mater or historical data in order to fulfill legal obligations to which we are subjected; this is carried out on the basis of Article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR. These legal obligations include, in particular, our legally stipulated reports to the tax authorities.

Ivančica d.d. is liable for a number of legal obligations. This is mainly related to legal requirements (eg. Commercial and Tax laws), but also the applicable supervisory regulations and other requirements set by authorities, compliance with tax obligations, disclosure of data for data protection and security, and for purposes of audits by tax consultants / auditors, fiscal and other government bodies. In the context of compliance with legal obligations, there may be a need for disclosure of personal data within the scope of official government / court measures to gather evidence, law enforcement and criminal prosecution or compliance with civil law requirements.

Where necessary, we also process your data, in addition to the purpose of executing the contracts concluded with you and of complying with legal obligations, for the purpose of safeguarding our legitimate interests or the interests of the third parties; this is carried out on the basis of Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR.

  1. Use of cookies and Google Analytics

We use cookies, Google Analytics, Sales Manago and other third party tracking technologies in our websites (www.froddo.com, www.ivancica.hr, http://b2b.ivancica.hr/). That help us track clients behaviour, primarly on Froddo B2B web shop. When you use our website, we can create cookies on your computer to help you use and maintain a user session and we can collect personal information using these cookies so that we can identify you with these pages and track your use of the site in accordance with these policies. We use this information to improve Froddo B2B web shop and to track B2B clients purchases and unfinished purchases on Froddo B2B web shop. You can choose to permit or restrict the use of these technologies through your personal browser settings.

  1. Specific informations related to WeWantShoes Froddo online showroom

All facts written in this Information on personal data protection apply also to Froddo showroom on WeWantShoes platform, url https://www.wewantshoes.com/en/brands/81796-froddo . We track number of products B2B clients have viewed, which helps us to see which clients are interested in Froddo brand. We will contact clients and potential clients on email which they give us when requesting enter to our showroom, or call them. We will also give their data to our agents/distributors for certain countries, for purpose of contacting about cooperation and buying Froddo shoes.

  1. What rights do you have?

The provision of master data and historical data is required for the establishment and execution of the business relationship between you and us, unless otherwise expressly stated by us at the time of collectiong this data. Without the provision of this data we cannot establish ans execute any business relationship with you.

You can inform us at any time to remove your data from our newsletter list, our list for sending catalogues via post, and our list for sending emails for Clients satisfaction survey. You can also inform us to change your data. In these cases, please send us notification email on sales@ivancica.hr. You can also remove your email from our newsletter list by clicking on unsubscribe link in the newsletter footer.

If all legal requirements are fullfiled, you have the right to request from us to correct, erase or limit processing your personal data in all our data bases. Also you have the right to ask us which personal data about you we have and process, who has access to them, and put a complaint on your personal data processing. In all mentioned cases, please contact us on email zastitapodataka@ivancica.hr . We are obligated to answer you in 30 days from receiving your email.

  1. Who has access to your data

Your personaly data is generally processed within our company, Ivancica d.d. Depending on the type of personal data, only certains departments / organizational units will have access to your personal data. These include, in paticular, our wholesales department, finance unit and warehouse. A role- and authorisation concept limits the access within our organization to those functions and to the extend required for the particular purpose of the processing.

We may also share your personal data with third parties outside of our company to the legal permitted extent. These external recipients can include in particular:

  • Newsletter service provider (Sales Manago)
  • Parcel delivery service providers (GLS, DPD)
  • IT company which develops and maintains Froddo B2B web shop
  • Other service providers engaged by us who provide services for us on a separate contractual basis, which may include the processing the personal data, as well as the subcontractors of our service providers engaged with our consent.
  • Non-public and public bodies, as fas as we are obligated to share your personal data based on legal obligations.
  • Our contract sales agents/distributors for certain countries.

We choose carefully and supervise work of service providers which have access to your data. Any personal data we share with our contractual partners is shared in accordance to the GDPR. They do not have any independent right to share this information on some other parties.

  1. For how long do we store your data

We generally store your personal data for as long as we have a legitimate interest in doing so and said interest is not outweighted by your interest in dicountinuing storage.

Even without a legitimate interest we an still store the data where required to do so by law (to meet our obligation to preserve records for example).

The master data and the further personal data accrued in the course of the business relationship will usually be stored at least until the business relationship has ended. The data will be deleted no later than at the time of its purpose being achieved. This may also be after the business relationship has ended. Personal data that we need to store in order to comply with our obligations to preserve records will be stored until the relevant obligation ends

Please note that we are obligated to keep your data for minimum 10 years if you had at least one invoice from Ivancica d.d., due to legal purposes. For this case, we need to keep in our SAP system master data about your company name, address and VAT number. Historical data are also keeped for maximum 10 years, after which they are anonymised.

     10. Data security

To secure your personal information, access to your private information in our systems is password protected, or they are stored in a place with limited access. We also choose only trusted third party service providers.